The market price of ammonium sulfate increased in January (1.1-1.29)

1、 Price trend


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According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the average ex factory price of ammonium sulfate in China was 833 yuan/ton on January 1st, and 883 yuan/ton on January 29th. The price of ammonium sulfate increased by 6.00% this month.


2、 Market analysis


The market price of ammonium sulfate has increased this month. At the beginning of the month, the domestic market price of ammonium sulfate was lowered. Foreign orders are relatively low, domestic market demand is poor, downstream delivery capacity is weakened, and market bearish sentiment is strong. In mid January, the bidding price for ammonium sulfate significantly increased. The ammonium sulfate market has seen an increase in inquiries and an improved trading atmosphere. The rise in international urea prices has indirectly benefited the ammonium sulfate market. In late January, the ammonium sulfate market saw a narrow consolidation and operation. Export orders are supported, with downstream restocking mainly based on demand. As of January 29th, the mainstream ex factory quotation for coking grade ammonium sulfate in Hebei region is around 810 yuan/ton. The mainstream ex factory quotation for ammonium sulfate in Shandong region is around 890-930 yuan/ton.


According to the weekly K-bar chart from October 30, 2023 to January 22, 2024, it can be seen that the domestic ammonium sulfate cycle has seen mixed ups and downs. There was a significant increase in January, with the maximum increase being 8.62% in the week ending January 15th.


3、 Future Market Forecast


According to analysts from Business Society, the ammonium sulfate market has recently seen a slight consolidation and operation. Downstream on-demand procurement, market transactions are still acceptable. As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, ammonium sulfate enterprises have a clear attitude towards shipping. It is expected that the trend of ammonium sulfate market will slightly decrease in the short term.

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