The market for butyl rubber remained stable this week, with a focus on stability

Commodity Market: According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the mainstream market of butyl rubber in the domestic market remained stable this week, with a market price of around 17675 yuan/ton as of the 12th.


High purity isobutylene raw material: Recently, international crude oil prices have fluctuated upwards, leading to a 0.9% increase in the price of high-purity isobutylene raw material.


In terms of demand: The domestic semi steel tire industry has a load rate of over 78% this week, while the full steel tire industry has a load rate of over 62%. The load rate of the steel tire industry is higher than last week.


Market forecast: Business Society analysts believe that both the cost and demand sides of butyl rubber have good support, and it is expected that the butyl rubber market will fluctuate and rise in the future.

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