In 2023, the PMMA market will experience ups and downs

According to the analysis system of the commodity market of Shengyishe, as of December 28th, the average price of PMMA, a general transparent and superior product in China, was 14800 yuan/ton. The price of PMMA for the whole year has decreased by 0.5%, and the price has remained stable with a small fluctuation range. The price position for the whole year is around 14800 yuan/ton, and the overall market supply and demand is balanced.


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In 2023, the PMMA market was lukewarm, with less than expected demand and limited upward space. The mainstream price remained around 14800 yuan/ton due to insufficient momentum. In the first half of 2023, PMMA showed a continuous downward trend, with a price drop of 100 yuan/ton, which was not too large. Later in the second half of the year, prices experienced a brief rebound, with an upward space of around 150 yuan/ton, and the fluctuations were particularly small, Although it is an indispensable high-quality material in daily life, the PMMA market has relatively concentrated sales, and there are very few manufacturers in the country that can sustain the long-term production of PMMA. Therefore, the common brands in the market are well-known to everyone, including a few enterprises.


PMMA, also known as organic glass, is widely used not only in commercial, light industry, construction, chemical and other fields. Moreover, the production of organic glass is widely used in advertising decoration and sand table models, such as signs, billboards, light box panels, and Chinese and English letter panels, all of which require the participation of organic glass. Organic glass can be divided into four types according to its appearance, with colorless transparent organic glass being the most common and currently being tracked by business societies. Colored transparent organic glass, commonly known as color plates, is used to make lighting fixtures, etc. It is transparent and transparent in the air, Pearlescent organic glass is made by adding pearlescent powder or fluorescent powder to general organic glass. This type of organic glass has a bright color, and embossed organic glass can be used as embossed glass, which is transparent, semi transparent, and colorless.

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From the comparison chart of upstream and downstream, it can be seen that the upstream trend has no significant impact on PMMA. The trend of PMMA mainly depends on downstream demand, and the amount of downstream demand is the main reason affecting PMMA. Currently, the overall market of PMMA is in a state of supply and demand balance, and production capacity and demand are just in balance, making it difficult for prices to experience explosive growth and decline. So the probability of PMMA maintaining its current status in 2024 is relatively high, and there won’t be much improvement.


PMMA analysts from Business Society believe that for many years, PMMA has been in a state of supply and demand balance, and there will be no sharp rise or fall in the market. It mainly depends on downstream demand, and the relationship with upstream is not very significant.

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