PMMA market remained stable in January

According to the data monitored by the Business News Agency, as of January 30, the average price of PMMA for domestic general transparent premium products was 14875.00 yuan/ton. In January, the PMMA market was stable and the price remained unchanged. At present, the mainstream market price was 15000 yuan/ton. At present, the overall market supply and demand of PMMA was balanced.


povidone Iodine

In January, the domestic PMMA market as a whole operated smoothly, with limited price fluctuation. The mainstream price was 15000 yuan/ton. The operating rate was stable, and the supply and demand were balanced. The downstream just needed to purchase, and the manufacturer gave up the profit and took the order. The enterprise quoted: Shanghai Hongqi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. 14800 yuan/ton.


Rubber and plastic index: The rubber and plastic index stood at 678 points on January 29, up 3 points from yesterday, down 36.04% from the highest point of 1060 points in the cycle (2012-03-14), and up 28.41% from the lowest point of 528 points on April 6, 2020. (Note: the period refers to 2011-12-01 to now).


PMMA analysts of Business Agency believe that PMMA is expected to run smoothly in the short term.

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