The demand is weak, and the price of electrolytic manganese is slightly reduced (from December 30 to January 6)

This week (December 30 to January 6), the market price of 1 # electrolytic manganese was slightly reduced. The spot market price in East China was 17350 yuan/ton at the end of last week and 17300 yuan/ton at the end of this week, down 50 yuan/ton, down 0.29%.


povidone Iodine

In terms of manganese ore: the confidence of manganese ore market continued to rise this week, the ore price rose significantly, the overall price rose 1-2 yuan/ton, and the enthusiasm of inquiry for oxide ore was obvious, so we took the initiative to stock. Due to the mine accident in Gabon, the arrival and shipment were all affected. The market said that Gabon’s resources were scarce in the future, which led to the price of oxidized ore to continue to rise. Gabon’s 44-45 yuan/tonne, Australia’s 47-48 yuan/tonne, South Africa’s mines were also driven by the market atmosphere, and the price of semi-carbonic acid was increased by 36-36.5 yuan/tonne. South Africa’s low-grade high-speed railway resources were less, and the market carried out collective price adjustment. The price of the price was chaotic and went up to 34.5-35.5 yuan/tonne, and the deal was gradually followed up.


The commodity price K-bar chart uses the concept of price trend K-line to reflect the weekly or monthly price changes in the form of bar chart. Investors can buy and sell investments according to the changes in the K-bar chart. Red indicates: rising; Green means: down; The height of the K column indicates the range of rise and fall. From the above weekly and monthly electrolytic manganese K-bar chart, it can be seen that since March 2022, electrolytic manganese has continued to decline, the price of electrolytic manganese has continued to stabilize temporarily after a slight rise at the end of August, the price has recovered slightly since the end of September, the price has remained stable for a long time since October, fluctuated slightly in November, and decreased slightly after December.


The electrolytic manganese market continued to decline this week. The domestic mainstream price was 15500-15700 yuan/ton, down 100-200 yuan/ton from last week. The market was bearish and the trading volume was slightly cold. In terms of supply, the long-term operating rate of manganese is between 50% and 60%, and the supply is acceptable. The ex-factory price of domestic mainstream manufacturers is around 15600-15700 yuan/ton, and the manufacturers have a strong attitude towards price. Downstream demand is approaching the end of the year, and downstream winter storage is basically coming to an end. The market mentality is generally stable, and the steel bidding is generally in general performance. The price falls, affecting the market mentality. In general, the current electrolytic manganese market has maintained a weak operation as a whole. Under the influence of weak demand, it is expected to maintain a stable, medium and weak operation in the short term. The market is waiting for the guidance of steel bidding.


This week, the domestic silicon and manganese spot market performed generally, with the price rising and falling alternately, the futures fell in the middle of the week, the steel bidding pricing was delayed, and the market confidence was slightly insufficient. The mainstream price fell back to 7250-7300 yuan/ton. According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the average market price of silicon and manganese in Ningxia (the specification is FeMN68Si18) on January 6 was 7241 yuan/ton, down 0.46% compared with that before the festival.

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