In September 2022, the supply and demand were weak, and the price of antimony ingots remained flat for four consecutive weeks

In September 2022, the domestic market price of 1 # antimony ingot will remain at 79500 yuan/ton, and the price will remain stable this month. The average market price in East China will be 80000 yuan/ton on August 27 and 79500 yuan/ton on September 27, down 0.62% from the same period last month.


Sodium Molybdate

On September 26, the antimony commodity index was 110.67, unchanged from yesterday, 5.08% lower than the peak of 116.59 (2022-04-17) in the cycle, and 135.57% higher than the low of 46.98 on December 24, 2015. (Note: the cycle refers to the period from September 8, 2012 to now).


The K-bar chart of commodity prices reflects the weekly or monthly price changes in the form of a bar chart based on the concept of price trend K-line. Investors can buy, sell and invest according to the changes in the K-bar chart. Red means rising; Green means: down; The height of the K column indicates the range of rise and fall. From the above figure, we can see the recent upward trend of the antimony ingot market around the Spring Festival. After entering the downward channel in April, the decline slowed down. The market picked up again in June, continued to decline slightly in July, fell slightly in August, and remained stable in September.


In September, the market price of antimony ingots continued to maintain a temporary stability. Since the market fell below 80000 yuan in late August, it has been stable at 79500 yuan/ton, and it has remained at this price for four consecutive weeks as of the press release. At the end of September, as the price of the external market first eased and fell by 100 dollars/ton, it is feared that the domestic price will fall slightly in the near future. At present, the overall performance of the antimony industry chain is weak, with limited changes in fundamentals this month, and the pattern of weak supply and demand is still maintained. At present, the supply is still tight, but the downstream has not improved, and the tight supply cannot boost the price of antimony ingots. At the end of the month, the market has seen some low-cost sources of antimony oxide from downstream, and downstream manufacturers have a certain demand for funds, so the upward transmission, antimony ingot prices, under the double negative influence of the external market and downstream, should have a small callback in the future. Near the long holiday, the market has a certain demand for goods preparation, but the overall purchase intention remains on demand. The market has not emerged a large number of goods preparation plans. The business community expects that the overall performance of the antimony ingot market is still weak in the future when there is no obvious improvement in the downstream market.


Benzalkonium chloride

The price of strategic small metal antimony in Europe (unit: USD/t)


Variety., September 1., September 27., up and down

European small metal antimony., 13000., 12900., – 100

In September, the European strategic small metal antimony market declined slightly. For most of September, the price remained temporarily stable, and the price fell slightly near the end of the month. At present, the overall market turnover is low, and the market atmosphere is cold.


Price trend of antimony oxide (unit: yuan/ton)


Variety, August 27, September 27, up and down

99.5% antimony trioxide, 68500., 68000., – 500

99.8% antimony trioxide, 70500., 70000., – 500

The antimony oxide market maintained a temporary stable operation for the main time of this month, and prices declined slightly near the end of the month. At present, the downstream demand is limited, the market sales are average, and the export performance is average. The external price has declined slightly this month, driving the domestic market price atmosphere to be weak. At present, the downstream antimony oxide manufacturers are cautious in purchasing, mainly on demand.

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