The pure benzene market is in a bad mood and continues to fall

Price dynamics: on August 8, Sinopec North China: Qilu Petrochemical quoted 8150 yuan / ton, Shijiazhuang refining and chemical quoted 8150 yuan / ton, and Tianjin Petrochemical quoted 8150 yuan / ton;


Sodium Molybdate

East China: Yangzi Petrochemical offers 8150 yuan / ton;


South China: Hainan refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 8150 yuan / ton;


Central China: Wuhan ethylene offers 8150 yuan / ton;


Others: the quotation of Jingbo Petrochemical is 8050 yuan / ton, the quotation of HSBC Petrochemical is 8200 yuan / ton, the quotation of Weilian chemical is 8053 yuan / ton, the quotation of Xinhai Petrochemical is 8100 yuan / ton, and the quotation of Hongrun Petrochemical is 8200 yuan / ton.



Analysis and comments: in terms of crude oil, the US economic data is good, and the employment data shows strong growth, alleviating the negative sentiment of the economic recession on energy demand, and the oil price rises slightly.


Benzalkonium chloride

Today, Weilian chemical reduced its pure benzene by 50 yuan / ton, and Jingbo Petrochemical reduced its pure benzene by 50 yuan / ton.


The cost side is weak; The decrease of centralized parking in the downstream reduces the demand for pure benzene; Sinopec has continuously lowered its listing price. The pure benzene market is in a bad mood and the price is down. Today, the price of domestic pure benzene is 8050-8200 yuan / ton.

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